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Reviews for "Snong"

I understand the controls are the same as the original,
but that doesn't mean they don't suck.

great game otherwise.

Great idea, but you should have given us the option to play with old school controls or new age controls. As a dumb millennial who never played snake, these controls are like a virgin having sex for the first time kind of clumsy.

not bad but i did die a lot cause how the controls but still 5 stars.

Nice idea. And gosh, so many people didn't play Snake. The controls work exactly as they worked on the original thing.
I'm not sure if I like the fact that if you collide with something you automatically lose. I think it's too punishing. Maybe just add 3 or 4 points to the paddle's score? Also, i'd really like it if the snake would get bigger each time you hit the ball but reset with each game, like an alternative play mode or something. It's such a nice concept I can't stop thinking of different ways it could play out or mechanics that could be added. Good job!

Oh, also I think it'd be cool if it gave you the option to pick paddle or snake on multiplayer. Of course you thought about it and it wouldn't be much innovation but still having the option could be cool. Or each round you switch "characters" with the other person, I dunno.

StuffedWombat responds:

yeah, those are some great Ideas!

I thought of only some of them, but decided to make the game as simple as possible, to keep it pure. Might not have been the best decision!

But i do not own the idea, so please feel encouraged to make all of those things, i would love to check them out ;)

Incredible I love it.