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Reviews for "Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody! DEMO"

Game would probably would do better if you didn't have to use the mouse all the time.

Cool concept but it is so broken. Why make Fury's movement in set distances, but move freely when falling? Given how I land on a Fury checkpoint, I can ruin my chances of beating a level just by a couple pixels because of the way he moves. People are congratulating the difficulty, but some levels are literally cryptic to the point where I think I'm cheating. The levels need to be more straight forward if you're looking for a speed game (hence the clock). If you're looking for a puzzle game, when I beat it I want to say "ohhh" instead of "what the fuck". Jam's movement is really cool once you get the hang of it, but it isn't utilized nearly as much as it should be. The jumps are too technical. Yeah is the most usable, but still I can't tell if what I'm doing with him is allowed or not. Like I don't get the full extent of your intentions with these character designs, and that NEEDS to be more clearly displayed with a game like this. Best of luck though, cause this could be cool.

TheWillyboo responds:

Aw, dude! We're sorry you weren't feeling it, even when you beat levels. We do feature some neat tricks on our youtube page, which is especially handy for some of the levels in the demo that feature much later in the full game~!

But it's okay though! We appreciate the luck wish!!