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Reviews for "Do you know De Wae"


(but in all seriousness this game is really addicting and both the game over and victory animations are amazing 4.5 stars.)

jeremy7986 responds:

Thanks! All hail De Queen!

Really entertaining, wish there could be a feature to see the collected endings/cutscenes.
Otherwise very good :)

jeremy7986 responds:

THX! I'll do my best to update this game! :D

i like memes

jeremy7986 responds:

He knows DE WAE my bruddah!

Amazing how you made something so simple so entertaining. While it might be simple it can get outrageously hard especially past round 25. Loved every second of it.

The special events were also great, While a couple didn't seem to change anything other then give Knuckles guns or a bike the others were done really well. I missed 1 or 2 I think which is a shame.

Music was great nice work Creo, and the little win and lose scenes were numerous enough that it didn't feel repetitive or get boring.

Personal best is Round 31.

jeremy7986 responds:

Thanks for your review!

About the special event, It's all about your luck. You can get the good event or the bad event or "Just Fun" event. :D

Congratulations for your best round! And don't forget to support Creo! :DDD

Can't pass round 1

This shit is hilarious tho-

jeremy7986 responds:

Just follow the ladder game rule
You can do it! \(^o^)/