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Reviews for "Do you know De Wae"

It is a very simplistic but hard game, and you have to use your logic to get past these stages. This shows how little effort still makes such a fun and non-repetitive game (Except for the cutscenes). Every 5 attempts you get a power-up, which I think is a great feature considering all of the different features you can get. You can get something that makes the round harder, our makes it a lot easier. Rating? 5/5. Good luck giving this meme a reboot! (It doesn't deserve a 3.7 score)

Do you know de wae.
What's the song name? I know! Gosh I love this dead meme game.

its litterally impossible to win but thats good because i liek the funny animations

do you know the way

jeremy7986 responds:


I laughed a lot while playing this game, it's amazing


jeremy7986 responds: