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Reviews for "Do you know De Wae"

dead meme, dead dreams.

jeremy7986 responds:

Just want to save this dream :D

This is actually a well-made game. Nice. I now no de wey

jeremy7986 responds:

THX! That De Wae My brudda

Pretty well-made and entertaining, quite a bit of effort was put into it and it shows!
My only real problem with the game is that sometimes two ladders on one path might be perfectly aligned vertically, making it literally impossible to guess which of the two will come first.
Good work nonetheless, you managed to turn a simple idea into something fun, but also went the extra mile and added a traditional Chinese version.

jeremy7986 responds:

Thank you!
It just like long bridge, so if two ladders on one path will continue go straightly.
And yeah I'm Taiwanese, I want my friend can play this game easily so I added a traditional Chinese version. :D

I was expecting a crappy low effort flash game. You proved me wrong with the cleverness and actual animation. Thank you.

jeremy7986 responds:

I want to thank you too, hope you enjoy this game!

I like it for the meme. Too bad its kind of a normie meme at this point.

jeremy7986 responds:

LUL anyway hope you like this game