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Reviews for "Dystopia Rooms"

This project is interesting. The musical composition and sound successfully enhanced the setting, the colors and lighting effects were also good, and the execution of your whole composition more than sufficiently made my skin crawl. The animation cycles on the foot could be improved though, and I feel your project's title should be 'Dystopic Rooms' instead of 'Dystopia Room,' but to each their own.

Now this was something unsettling.

Great depictions. My only problem is the extended length of the anxiety didn't make me anxious because I didn't know it just kept on going until I saw the others. If there were a couple that came before it with a shorter length it would stress me out a little. And I just want to see more =p

That was deeply unsettling. Well done!

nicely done,great visual representations of some really rough disporders... would love to see your interpretation of schizophrenia