Reviews for "Release the Midi-chlorians"

Ah, what the hell, have 5, as I enjoyed it (kinda). Albeit the criticism has merit, I cannot be mad at you, and I want you to encourage to not abandon the flash.
What I liked, and what I want
1) Great music (voted 5 on each of the tracks as well)
1b) Especially YubNub, freaking infectious
2) The fake-asian accent of Sophie gave me "feels".
2b)Therefore I would request Sophie singing "dark side bad for you, light side good for you".
3) Your deep low voice also gave me "feelsies".
4) I think you should also upload your cover of the star wars theme, it was good.
5) I don't know why, but I like the humor and the carefree attitude of the flash. It's not sophisticated, but the delivery sells it. At least for me. But then again, I lost any trace of humanity after getting 800k of medal points, so I might not be the best judge. Especially that I collected medals from your ludum dare mazes, which literally drove me to insanity.
6) I like that the icon for immortal medal is Ikki.
7) While I know it's pointless to ask for a hentai version, I wouldn't mind if you do some follow up parody movie with Kylo / Ren, as there really was some charm in it.
8) The game itself, while it has some flaws, feels actually unique, and fresh. It's possible that I played a game with similar mechanics, but I didn't have a sense of deja vu.
9) I like the option for PG-13, albeit you can still see the dick in the final scene

So to put it short, sometimes you don't get the 5 points for excellence or perfection, but rather, for impression and the enjoyment factor.

Let the flashforce be with you.

Intro movie and sountrack were great and funny but when it got to the game play I kinda passed on it

I was more than happy to see you returning, remembering your masterpieces like Dobuki's Journey for example. But it seems like the time you spent without making games took its toll. It's like you lost some of your designing skills. The level of glitchiness of this game even exceeds your Cube.
1. I agree with the reviewer below that there is too little control of the boxes. They are just flying sky-high and even holding down doesn't help.
2. The direction of the jumps is just annoying. The mid-air control almost doesn't exist.
3. But the worst part are the glitches. Lots of times you get stucked on the walls, on the corners of the platforms. Also lots of times you may accidentally get stucked inside tha platform and since there is no reset button you have to restart the whole game. Or somehow you just get stucked with your head on one screen and your legs on another.
4. The level design is also faulty, especially their lower borders and areas where you should die and respawn from last checkpoint instead of falling multiple screens.
As for the future: I would suggest you to take a closer look at html5, it looks like currently it is the choice that gives more opportunities than WebGL/Unity since pure Unity is not supported anymore.

As a game, I found this pretty tedious. Just kinda kept waiting to be able to do something.

Might have worked better as just an animation.

Some of the writing and voice work was KINDA funny, but never REALLY funny.

It was just a video I'd give you a 3 or more. That game... it was just awful.