Reviews for "Away Trailer"

Very nice everything. With that one little walk of the cats and the tortoise, you've already won me. :)

Very good I would like to see the full movie in 2019

I'm looking forward to it! This looks amazing, and you have a talent for telling good stories. Keep up the great work :D

Woah this was beautiful! Not just the detail in scenery but the ambience in character movement... it's a whole other world. One far apart from the gray one in which we live. Imaginative, bright, inspiring... the only parts that feel somewhat off are the walking animations, where his whole body doesn't really seem to be in the 'motion'.

It builds up awesomely before the final scene, and ends at just the right moment... I get the impression that the full film might be a bit slow, but this glimpse... fantastic! Hope it is as promising as it seems like it might be!


do u know Away

-Ugandan knuckles