Reviews for "Doug Funnies Valentine"

Cool Doug was my favorite show growing up

Damn, son. Doug fan here. Hilarious stuff. I mean sure the voices were off but in a way that kinda added to the humor. Had me rolling. Great stuff.

Rees303 responds:

Thank you sir! I agree with the voice hah, but so much fun trying to replicate them.

Oh god.

I'd probably kill myself lol, good animation you should do more Doug funny shorts.

I was surprised at how obscene this got. That's just the way I like it! Happy Valentine's Day, dude! This was one of my favorite childhood shows! The animation is hilarious. So are the voices.

The score really should be higher. I really wasn't expecting that ending. I just love how it escalates. I wish there were more "Doug" flashes. Congrats on being the highest ranked Valentine's Day cartoon this year!