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Reviews for "Nightmare Clicker"

Got to the end of the game, defeated the monster, the screen began to turn dark and then the game froze. The whole page froze. Had to play again to get the medals. No auto clicker

nice, would lobe to see a sequel, PS get 671 dps and fight crazy jack and his hp will go from 1337 to 666

Pretty major bug: there's some issue with the math where if you time your clicks and damage(I've gotten lucky way too much) you just get a TON of kills in a row, giving away free money basically - it fixes itself, but my guess is there's bad code for this to happen in the first place.

Dragonuuu responds:

As long as you are not using any sort of auto clicker cheat it doesn't bug. I've see people complaining about not getting medals. And in the code it seems fine. If I play it it's fine. Everything works normal as long as you are not using any type of cheats.

I was able to beat the game without incident on my first playthrough. But now it won't let me past the first boss. What's more, I didn't get any medals, even though I've fulfilled the requirements.

The game can be beaten in minutes at least though, and doesn't wear you out too much.

fun at first beat the game n got 666 clickers... n went to made them all level 666 i got bored but still i nice quick game