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Reviews for "Nightmare Clicker"

A good timekiller! Great job!

For a clicker game it is short, which isn't a bad thing since there are some that take a long time. And it is pretty amusing to see some of the monsters and their names. It is a good game for those who want to waste some time. But it get's too easy at the end and focusing your money on click power is pointless when you can save a good amount of money quickly and do 1000 dps in a few mintues

Nice one!

However, whoever is capable of reading will go straight for the last upgrade and finish it in under 10 minutes.

Good game, short and fun. The Font is not the best, and dont work in background tab.

This clicker/idle game shows a lot of promise. I love the pixelated horror theme as the creepy music and disturbing characters set the mood right.

Though short, it's good enough for a single play in my book. I'm not a big fan of multiple playthroughs in order to complete clicker/idle games.

The thing I didn't like though is the boss battles. I was expecting to get "game over" or some sort of penalty for not defeating the boss in time, but it simply just resets the timer and try again until you buy more items. It would have been interesting to have something where the boss kills you in a gory fashion or some sort of jump scare.

I would welcome a sequel to this game and props for the Iron Maiden poster in the bedroom background.