Reviews for "Kill Da Guy 2"

Right click
Press Play
And respond to community

wilhelm scream kill dis here guy. aye caramba!!!

Great game dude! It was easy but pretty funny. "WHY DO I HAVE A HOT DOG?!" -Yumsnak

just a white screen

Megacharlie159 responds:

ey! a lot of people have that issue, it just has to load for a little while.

Games's good.. But it's short so yea....
But... I know how to get all medals!
1. Keys
Literally just press a arrow key.
2. Scream!!!
Press the scream button 100 times in "Da Guy's Mind."
3. The Speed
Quickly click on the red text.
4. Dogs
Just click on all the hot dogs in the game.
5. Shields
Destroy all the shields, seriously.