Reviews for "Road Of Fury 3: Desert Strike"

Great game but may i ask, WHY IN THE HELL is their a sand hill that looks like a star destroyer at around 2,000m's

I like this game, it takes time to progress and get money for addons, upgrade cars and buy new.. the only thing i can see that's really lacking is a save feature!!

i played it for an hour only to come back later and see i lost all my progress.. please add that feature as an update

i play the game early today now it don,t start

I played the game uesterday, but today the game don't start.

I tried to upload the game but no game loaded instead I hat the following symbols & letters:

�uTMs�0=�_��b��6fj�a��v������ʒ�d'��������$+��i��['}u���u{ �o�r��J� g�YH�(�3�OޠP��:��u�J>�l����M�w'{�vI'��4��r��Aa�GM@�� �)R�9�%n[c��XK/�J\!�wh�N6]sNt��Ԇk�W[�o�Jz����e�E�Ɋ:Y�&-�I��h �r�XZ5���^(Y O�����Vl�^\�Zi�Mo��A�Q/���#J���sg��>���X6�)�3XT�9�W�jD��Xq&Y�¹L�mJ��߷$�ǝ��Q��f�kS�)��Yrv�ƖyF��E�в�7�Ro M��%�J��}��rWX��)�{ы1{���64����F����TH��{�.'"d�]-��F�@��X,�5yH,����E �,}cg��P�vA�֢x�ß������]C�J�4� �.�F����p)���{+םG��ED�ix�ǞGǎ�� ʘ��8�9GSRc����8�xZ�xS�媖��ݡ��(�Y��G�% Mį趩6�x�8Oٜ�G�p8�%����œ=\����a�<�|V�=�k�BxQn��_�>��8�B��^�Y�Ӟ��� r/��