Reviews for "Test Chamber"

It's a short little game, but it does it's job well.

In order to get the perfect end, you need to balance her Pain and Pleasure, without running out of energy and mind. I'll let curious minds figure it out, but you just need balance (and a bit of trial and error).

I hope to see more from this creator.

I am pretty sure this is my first review to any game so i apologize if it isn't spectacular. i thoroughly enjoyed the game for what it was. It wasn't too long, but it wasn't too short either. The multiple endings were very fun to try and get and it took me a little bit to get the "perfect" end, but it was worth it. The pictures you used were good, and seeing as this is the first game you've made, it definitely is really good. Definitely keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing what else you make in the future. :D

AnimeFool responds:

I'm glad someone actually went and got the perfect ending :D. You can expect more from me but it might be a little bit.

fun game, the descriptions are cool and the pictures are nice but I would personally enjoy some sound and more consistent pictures.
got most of the endings rather quickly but I can't get the 1st good ending.

not bad, got all 5 endings in 15 min or less.

not bad game was fun 3rd ending is hard the you have to get both pain and pleasure into the 40 do this by first wipe 5 times then lvl up then front 5x then lvl up then oral 5x lvl up then back 5x