Reviews for "super mario odissay - Animated."

Good animation I guess but had no real point.

Also this should be rated T since mario flips the bird and you hear son of a bitch at one point.

Not something for kids.

Benjamin-S responds:

he does not say son of a bitch, he says shut up peach.

I think you got some great potential but I feel this production aimed a little higher than it actually hit. Leaving the idea and punchline out of the review, from a technical aspect this animation suffers from two things:

- Choppy keyframing
- Lack of fluidity (while this is something that can be easily misconstrued as a by-product of my previous point, I actually believe it comes from a different place)

To elaborate further on each point respectively:

1. I feel that there's too much of a stutter on certain actions where the focus is placed. The slightly smaller items such as lip-sync issues, can be forgiven. The actual 'pinnacle' stuff which is supposed to convey either magnitude, story progression or general character mechanization (e.g. expressions, etc) seem to fall flat on their face. I can appreciate that most art programs, studios and even veterans in the field utter the whole 'efficiency while keeping cost in mind' mantra but there has to be a balance between the functional and the art itself. I find that Studio Yotta trails this very fine edge rather well. They'll run their keyframes in the most cost effective fashion without really sacrificing either the functionality of the scene, character, etc- or the stylistic direction that was established early in the shot. The first thing I've noticed is that with the key-framing as it stands (through a variety of issues that dip into smaller factors, such as lip-sync) the characters seems stiff and unable to effectively provide the basic illusion of emotions they are supposed to be displaying in a shot. This is very evident, for example, when Mario is flying through the sky. A little more polish in this department alone would set this piece at a completely different tier than where it currently is.

2. The second point is more nitpicking, really, but I feel it creates a compounding issue with the aforementioned point. The transitions are mostly 'okay'. They're functional. They're not tremendously smooth, however and there seems to be a bit of a lack of fluidity between shots and scenes. Some transitions are paired well while others seem haphazard.

I get that a portion of this was likely meant just for the shitpost-esque memery and I've given too serious a review- but it's something that raised my brow.

I think you're gonna do great things, though. Definitely seem like you have the potential for it.

Keep at it,

Benjamin-S responds:

ufff this is the best comment aside from the good criticism, thanks bro.

Clearly Mario Odissey in a nutshell...

1 It would be cool if doesnt have bad words cuz you know kids

Anyways good video!

i loved the video, but you need to edit the rating into a T rating. 1: mario flips off bowser.
2: the video has bad words.

other than that i give you 5/5 stars. great work @Benjamin-S

Super Mario Odyssey in a nutshell...