Reviews for "Game Over"

One of THE BEST dubstep song i've EVER HEARD!!!! Can not stop listening to this!

Nice drop. 4.5 Five stars because some parts were not perfect, then again no music is perfect. Good job!! :D

this is awesome :3
5 stars ª!ª!ª!ª!ª!

noice. original. heavy. u got a new fan fam.

Going into this I had a bad feeling, I don't know why, I just wasn't expecting much... By god I was wrong...

The drums hit hard, just about everything really has an impact, and it gives this track some real momentum! My first criticism is that it's a little too harsh on the ears at times, but that's really just a nitpick...

Then after the first segment, the mini-drop is pretty effective, but I have a few problems with it... I think there's a bit too much noise there, and as epic as all those powerful synths are, by combining them you've given yourself something tough to master and it sounds like everything's fighting for attention!

Then the drop, it's great! It sounds like Xtrullor's work, I love the chaotic sounds and all the variety! Still this drop is not without its flaws... I feel that it's a little too wet and a little too atonal, I do understand though that that's a tough balance, so It's not so bad. As well as that as cool as being chaotic is, it's not much use if it can't be understood; it's not incomprehendable, but it is a little annoyingly difficult to keep track of...

My last complaint: Sometimes the sidechaining is too strong and annoying
My last positive point: I love how you've used bitcrushing here!

Overall pretty solid.

punkerrr responds:

hey! thanks for the feedback! this track is 6 months old, i only just got around to upload it here haha, thanks for the feedback tho!