Reviews for "Full Time Part Time : Foamy The Squirrel"

It makes me happy to see "illwill press" cartoons on newgrounds.

I remember watching my first foamy and germaine flash cartoon maybe back in 2006.
i was in highschool then, now I'm in my late twenties and I have a bachelor's degree in fine art.

I can truly relate to what this video is about.
I've been trying to get a full time job for the past four years, Ever since i left college.
I eventually got a part time job as a graphic designer (my dream job) but was layed off within 7 or 8 months.

I've been working part time in minimum wage, retail for the past three years.
I apply to about 30 full time jobs a week online.
I'll get an interview maybe once every three or four months. But since I have only 7 months art experience and not 5 or 10 years. I'm not qualified.
( Never mind the fact I've been drawing since I was 7 years old and never stopped to this day).

All I have is my art and movies. i continue to make animations and artwork hoping to get better and maybe one day I can get full time work that's art related.

Your right, there is no loyalty, how can there be in these kind of situations (like my own)?
i know its cliche to say blame the rich or the people who have power.
But Sadly, I can't find any other answer than that.

A very harsh truth. Kids need to see this.

Best rant for self-employment. That's what..18 years self-employed experience talking right there in that video? Now mastering twitch.

Pretty much 100% truth from Foamy, again.

@BioNova - Don't you think your problem might be that you're offering shit pay with no benefits for back breaking work, and that's why no one wants your crappy job? $11 an hour is what a fresh out of high school job at McDonald pays.

Foamy really speaks the truth with this one! Was positively surprised with the depth of the message, and the empathy he puts into the speech, too. And it's not just a superficial rant on the change, but a full dive into the motive behind it: the ever-increasing company search for profit. I do know people who do have full time jobs, still, in this day and age, but otherwise this is the truth! Solid advice too. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all just create, and be artists, and share the wealth between us... though somebody's gotta get in some of that wealth through some other source for there to be some of it to share, too... it's a sad, eat or be eaten world. Everyone making a profit off of someone, but props on this one! Great message.