Reviews for "The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 2"

This was so amazing! I especially appreciated how it did so much in so little time. SpongeBob still probably has the most parodies. I do kind of wish for more modern cartoon stuff. Well, "My Little Pony" has more overall. I just think this works better.

The show itself is goofy. I have seen more recent episodes and they are getting better. Everything just flows so well. Squidward turned into the Slender Man! Imagine an actual show like this. Well, at least an actual episode.

This worked exactly with what it went for

OK, this is too funny. :)

I loved this. Everything about this is good especially the animation. I am wondering when do we get to see an episode, if you have enough time. Still the OP is great.

Was... was that squidward's butthole?
5 stars...