Reviews for "The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime - OP 2"

"Why?! Why did Squidward do it!?"
Was the question I kept asking myself during season one of this anime. Now that season 2 is coming, I must say I am looking for some answers. This anime, which seemed to me like a standard "FRIENDSHIP MEANS EVERYTHING TO US" series...slowly turned into a dark twisted story of betrayal, honor, and Jellyfish. What can I say that hasnt already been said about season 1? Can season 2 live up to such a huge story? Or will we get another Dragon Ball GT situation? Only time will tell. Regardless I am looking forward to season 2 with an almost child like excitement.

Joke aside, the animation for this video is really good and captures what I believe a spongebob anime's artstyle might look like. I enjoyed it greatly, so much so that I created that piece above. Seriously, 10/5 stars man. Great work.

this has that naruto vs sasuke feel to it

Absolutely beautiful 10/10

too bad patrick died
he probably would have made two patricks instead of dying
i hope u make more of this

This is way better than the first one, feel that the animation is more clean, keep on your stuff