Reviews for "The N Klub - First Update"

Atm the game is quite simplistically nice. I like what I see so take my criticism as constructive and keep going.

Thumbs ups:
Not being charged to "Hire" like most games. Employees don't walk into a business and receive a one-time lump sum of cash in real life... However, them never seeming to require a pay check is strange.

Transition menu items (coat rack, board, files) are logical and reasonable. Maybe could highlight them all somehow (lose realism possibly?) so it's obvious which are selectable.

Thumbs down:
I don't think the "Forced Day Off" function is working as advertised. I had 1 girl hit 0 and take 3 days off, I then accidentally insta-clicked Next Day instead of Employee Management and 3 new girls all hit 0 energy. The 2nd girl took 3 more days, the 3rd girl took 4 days, and the 4th girl took 5 days off..?

Daily reports are quite busy in the UI. It's difficult to quickly get an understanding of what happened. Suggestions: Make Energy, Happiness, etc. all one line with their stat increases and decreases; make stat increases green and decreases red as well as placing a space between stat changes and ending totals; give those stat reports linearly so the numbers are straight up and down; make a designated spot for "happenings" such as "nothing happened" and bad events with bad events showing in red text as well so we can ignore that section visually when it's just white.

This may just be me, but it's super obvious that the only decent way to make money is with private rooms and they cost 1000 to buy and you start with 1000 so you're essentially obliged to spend all of your starting money on that work center. Nothing else generates anywhere near the same amount of money (PR 13.0k, Stage 3.8k, Bar 1.4k with 2 girls each essentially). Adding to this, having the other work centers do different things such as stage raises reputation faster, bar can get you info somehow on different things or a good bartender can raise the amount paid to the other girls (not sure for this atm) would give them purpose outside rotating as many girls through PR as possible (I did it evenly with the jobs but that's honestly the best route).

Neutral Suggestions:
Give a section (the bookcase would work great in the current office background) that offers, as someone said below, the main tutorial for the game as well as a breakdown help section for what each stat does. It seems obvious that the first 2 are quite obvious, but does kindness for sure improve Bar work and does Sexiness give a boost to all possible types? Would answer these questions once and for all.

I find that I basically need to hire girls in a specific order at the very beginning of the game because A) starting stats seem to mean nothing; having 1 to two stats when your first training can give +20 means those first stats are superfluous. B) Girls aren't obviously suited or even more effective when given a certain job type, but it's definitely best to specialize. C) It's easiest to assign and manage by going back and forth on a Rest, Work, Train schedule with girls who share the same jobs meaning going one previous or forward to manage girls in one profession is time saving and ideal. D) Girls are ordered by hire time so this interferes with C without planning and isn't changeable later.

I'm assuming there are already plans in place to expand the game, likely in all the aspects I'm about to suggest, but having more ways to "interact" with the girls or their work centers (even if this is just a different art for the rest days and work days possibly related to the job they're assigned to); giving us more to do than mindlessly click next day after a quick runthrough of the employee's needs and an eventual goal to work toward.

Noted by someone below me, however it's not exactly what I got. I hired a 5th girl and my "Next" button wasn't functioning. It worked after I hired the 6th, however, clicking to select the 5th girl selected the 6th and I had to press "Previous" to get the right one.

Upgrades can be finicky. I had 3560 and couldn't purchase the 3500 decor upgrade to the Private Rooms, I purchased two upgrades for decor on the other jobs and then earned back to 4300 and could buy it for some reason.

Govvan responds:

Thanks for very nice and constructive review :)
It's funny, cos many things you pointed out I already have in mind to add in future updates.
Forced day off is a system that punishes for not giving girls Days off by hand, but just by waiting for their energy to drop to 0 by itself, so it takes them much longer to come back to work after forced day off.
Daily reports UI will be improved, colors, better text positions and progress bars.
Help section is also to be added, maybe without a step by step tutorial, but all the game elements will be described in help section.
Girls starting statistics will be randomized, I am also thinking about adding some kind of random 'perks' or 'abilities' for them, so each girl will prefer working in one place more than in others.
As for art, each occupation will have its own short animated loop, and it will change a little bit for each girl, but thats a lot of work and it won't be ready very soon.
And yeah, Private Rooms are much better than other places, basically becouse of the way I remade the earning system from the previous version.
I will look into that 5th girl and upgrade glitches and fix asap.

Thanks again for great review.

Found a small but annoying little bug, if you have 5 or more employees, you can't assign the ones on the second page, since the "next" button doesn't work.
Otherwise, the game seems fine.

Govvan responds:

Will look into it and fix asap, thanks.

Not a bad update Keep it up ;)

I knew I recognized the art style! A little confusing at first, but pretty easy to get the hang of. Instead of a title card with all the instructions, it would be cool to have a little tutorial where it shows how to "start off" the first girl. Great work, keep it up :)