Reviews for "Touchy Cube"

I beat all the levels but some of the metals aren't working please fix it

As for the game play the difficulty was a little random. level 23 was a lot harder than 24 for example.

Pretty fun game! It gets harder the more you play it, the only issue is that the first medal doesn't work (at least for me), I've already played level 1 like 10 times and it's still locked...appart from that everything else is awesome!

Fun, but gets difficult fast. Also, for some reason i didn't get any medals for beating the levels

Must admit a couple of these levels had me aggravated to the point of giving up, but I'm glad I persevered all the way through it! The idea's a fun one, the levels varied, the mechanics good (though sometimes the click feature bugs out and doesn't have an impact on the block - right when you start a level - maybe some kind of click/time limitation), and in the end it all felt like a pretty accomplishing session. Victory! It's a mechanic that's possible to master with precision and timing, too. Good albeit sometimes aggravating fun.


MrNannings responds:

Thanks. Great review!

omfg all i had to do was click the wheel at the bottom to get the medals???? im j/k i medal hunt but the satisfaction of earning them, especially the hard ones, is the best part.