Reviews for "Touchy Cube"

Very nice game

So first of all this was a really tricky game but thats what I really liked about it you have some nice style the effects are nice and you made it really hard to acheive and thats ok with me the medals are a nice touch to keep it exciting very nice game here, It does get really tough about level 7 ish but overall this was a fun game

A fun game no major changes needed I would suggest maybe some upgrade options like sfatey nets gravity pulls and pushes might be one idea.



As for medals not working, go back to the level select menu and replay any level(s) you weren't awarded medals in which should have awarded medals. I had to replay the first stage, for example. So at least if it mistakenly doesn't award a medal, you can still obtain it but a bit of nuisance you have to replay a stage to get it.

Too hard sometimes but not bad
I think the control be easier and the medals can give more points

It's hard and everything but in fact it's addictive

its good, but a platformer is not an accurate description, and maybe power level select (with presets not full control) would make it better