Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - A cat's chance in hell"

Well, I'd like to give this a 5, as for ithers, but unfortunately, this episode is not as polished. The bug with Cat being captured by Cough is repeating if you re-enter the hideout, and the conclusion of actress being the Cat appears when one of the deaductions for her is crossed (the one about her popualrity)
But the story is amazing as always, I loved the idea of intermediate riddles - Nine Death's Cat is charming with her wordplay. So, keep it up!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your review and your feedback, I'll try to do better next time!

Okay. Overall, LOVED this series. The fact that you can click on a magnifying glass and clearly see clickables already solves a huge annoyance I have with point and click adventures. The deduction system is also a very nice breath of fresh air, forcing you to use your brain, and you're allowed to be wrong! My god, It's great!
The atmosphere is unique too, just a zombie apocalypse instead of your normal "Yer a detective, Harry. Go do crimes." which to be fair you still are a detective, but whatever it's unique.

I love how each episode actually builds on eachother, it's nice to have some recurring characters that lets a moving plot carry through these flash games. I'm sure it'll be even better when it goes up on steam, which I actually do wonder. Will you continue this whole arc with the Cat and zombino when you finish the steam version? Or will you just start up with some new characters?

Visually very good too, overall good pixel art and I glanced at the visual novel and saw super nice drawings there as well. Every character is unique, nothing looks ugly (Ironic, considering the zombie apocalypse.)

Enough about the series though, let's talk bout this specific game. Spoiler warning.

I'll take a note here about the difficulty due to I remember it coming up at the first cat episode, this one is easy to solve once you have the clues, but maybe it's because i've literally been binging the series all day and play a fair amount of detective games. I will note one thing I found a bit unfair, Bratitat comes by at complete random time. I only knew to go back to the gun shop because of hints, I thought maybe there would be a day/night cycle. It's a minor thing though, doesn't break the game or anything.

Howeverrr, while on the topic of game breaking things, This one's a bit buggy. After going through the cat's hideout the first time, properly checking everything and connecting the clues about cough. After getting stumped, I went back and the entire cutscene played again, even though i'd already seen it, and it also broke my clues concerning cough.

It gave me the clue about cough's skills being rusty, but left the one about him coming back circled, making it impossible to circle it again.
I'm not sure what would've happen if I left that there, but I went ahead and accused cough because I was afraid I broked the game. Could still be playable, but I feel like cat's hideout should be hidden after you get all the appropriate clues from there.

The click markers for the tavern are flat out wrong, signaling the chair and stool when the real clickables are on the counter. Dunno what happened there, but it made me miss the cigarette for a bit, and that is VERY important.

There's also mispellings here and there (For example "Lenhgt in the final cutscene by cat in a line of dialogue) but whatever.

The mystery itself was fun, I was excited to have another go at the cat that came back. As I played through it though, some of the dialogue and the characters felt forced.

I feel like Ghvnn is going through flanderization, he's just becoming a hungry zombie that serves as a callout to certain actions that kinda ruins the joke sometimes. Like when he talked about the zombie behind the counter, that just killed it. I remember the first game he was introduced, He was still a bodyguard and was intensely interested in the detective work and actually dished out a beating! ...but now he's just the happy idiot who is constantly hungry.

The treasure hunt felt kinda like an excuse to bring back the other characters of the story, and they just kind of show up. Bratitat gives out one clue that's ultimately unnecesary, and the retirement home doesn't actually do anything. I guess they mostly serve as red herrings to the mystery.

I find zombino to be cliche, and the overall setup that he puts to be cliche as well. This is targeted at younger audiences, so I can excuse that. But wasn't he a brain farmer? When did all this crime lord come in?

Still very much enjoyed the hunt, getting the clues was fun and loved deducing things like always. I'll be checking out the final product on steam when it comes out.

P.S. OH MY GOD, /YOU/ MADE STREET FIGHER LoA? I LOVE THAT GAME SO HARD, WHY ARE ALL THE THINGS YOU MAKE GOOD. Think I remember leaving a raving review on that one, how long ago was that? 0-0 Anyways, You do good work mang! Ciao!

Muja responds:

Wow, such a nice and detailed review! Let me answer you in order:

- Thank you for your nice comments. The Steam game will focus on different characters and stories, especially the old ones from the comics like Acka and One-Eye. The story about zombino will proceed in other free games for the web ('cause I'll keep making them!)

- Bratatat appears once you've solved all the riddles. I've thought like this: once you find the cat's hideout, you have finished her treasure hunt but you're far from solving the case. So you'll have to backtrack looking for new clues. Yuuch will let you interrogate her only at a later moment, too

- I understand your concerns about Ghvnn. He'll certainly have a major role in the Steam game, but to be honest, he's always been the happy hungry idiot! :)

- Bratatat's clue is actually very important to find out what happened to the money. There are no useless clues in the game, each one serves a purpose... plus, you've got to collect them all if you want the medals :D

- Zombino as always been mentioned, since the very beginning, as a shady business man who owns a farm among other things. He's been called a crimelord from the very beginning, and he's actually very similar to a zombie mob boss. You'll know more about him in future games.

- Yeah, I made Street Fighter LoA! Glad you liked that old game, too! It's been years now :D

Finally, thanks again for your nice and detailed review, I really appreciate it!

Great entry! Need more!

Muja responds:

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! Working on "more" :)