Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - A cat's chance in hell"

I absolutely love this series. It makes you think, but it's not overly difficult or convoluted. The story is interesting and the graphics are likable and fun. The only constructive advice I have is (And it's not a problem with this particular installment, but it was a bit annoying in previous installments) the walking animations are too long. I wish there was a way I could speed them up. That's minor though. Really I absolutely love this game. You did a great job!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your kind review!
You're not the only one to say that the walking animations are too slow, I'll have to think about it, especially for the Steam release and future free games.

Thanks again!

Always happy to see these games pop up. I'm incredibly sad that I can't download Steam when the full project comes out, but keep doing what you're doing man!

Muja responds:

Don't worry, even after the Steam release I'll keep making free games for the web, so you'll have plenty of Dead Detective games to play! :)
Thank you for the review!

Ah.. I love my time with Detective Marco...Great fun!

I gave 5 stars all round because the slight spelling errors didn't bother me... I feel if it doesn't bother the zombies, it's not gonna bother me..
and I'm not a game developer... so kudos on another tale of my favorite detective!!! (I am his biggest fan)
Thank you for another great game, need more.
As your game stalker, I love all the games you've put on here but I pine for Det. Marco when I have to wait... don't make me wait too long lol.
Thank you!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your support, Rena!
Unfortunately you'll have to wait a little bit for a new episode... I'm going to work at the Steam Release for a few months... but expect a lot more episodes after that! :D

A new dead detective I'm going in. Ta Muja

Muja responds:

Thanks! Hope you'll like it!

Love the game, I was waiting for the second part of this case!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, glad you liked it!