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Reviews for "Donald Trap"

I really like it! The music is great, the art too. My only critique would be that when you die the game resets completely, when it would make more sense to just reset the level. Otherwise, it's amazing ^^

This is very anti american. The USA is much better with Donald Trump than anyone else. This should be called Hillary vs police when she is arrested. Political submissions will receive political reviews.

Otherwise decent game.

Great game! Awesome visuals, hard but fair gameplay. However, sometimes the game locks you on moving on one direction, or you're stuck shooting, but this usually doesn't happen. The theme reeks a bit of post-election salt, but it's fun nevertheless.

Well done!! In 48 hours you made this?? More difficult than I thought it would be, and my hand is aching from the awkward position it was in, trying to hit the arrow keys and use the mouse at the same time. To be honest, the name threw me off a bit, but the actual content was better than expected! This game is definitely one of the better ones to come out of this website

Broken-Arms responds:

Hey ! Thank you for you review ! We have just updated the game adding the WASD control and fixing HUD bug :) Enjoy !

overall entertaining, just wish it wasnt a reset if you died