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Reviews for "Donald Trap"

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME! The graphics give it a 5 star quality and the gore is also amazing! get a steam green light for this game!

love it! although it would be better if you wouldent need to go all the way back to floor 0 and if when you go to a new floor you wont have the same gun you got in tghe last one (save floor progress and not gun)

Hey ! c'est cool de vous voir ici :D
Bien punchy, j'aime beaucoup les fx et la réactivité des sprites (players & mobs).

Broken-Arms responds:

Merci!!!! C est bien sympa 🙂

Fast paced gameplay +0.1 stars
Interactive environment +0.1 stars
Various, cool, over the top guns +0.1 stars
Big explosions +0.1 stars
Gory enemy deaths +0.1 stars
Variety of enemies +0.1 stars
Fullscreen +0.3 stars
Custom cursor (crosshair, no standard boring windows cursor) +0.1 stars
Trump Hate! +5 Stars

Total positive: 6 Stars

Dying via chain effect - 5 stars

Total negative: 5 Stars

Grand total: 1 Star

I liked the gameplay, but can you add an option to disable the blood? I know it's strange but I do not like it and games like that :u