Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race 2"

No time to describe this beautiful shooter. I first have to regain all my perks I earned during beta testing :-D
I find Humanoid 2 gorgeous and really addictive. That is the main reason for this brief description. Check it out yourself. Strongly recommended!!!

Another great game, very smooth gameplay and fun to play. I like the special weapons and design of the game. Awesome job!

This one offers more weapons, flexibility and difficulty variety which I find more interesting about a game. I wish there were more surprising AI behavior but anyway I have to give this one an excellent!

excellent game, very fun. Well done music and art aswell.

What an amazing sequel! More explosions, enemies, boosts and cool perks! I loved every bit of it! :) I also really liked how almost all stages were unique and those that looked similar had some noticeable variations here and there. The bosses were also fun to battle.

Currently trying to get that "Hardcore challenge!" achievement, but it's really tough. At first I thought that beating the final boss was all you needed to do, but it's even crazier xxD
Before, my issue was the difficulty and madness in that final stage. Now it's the lag. Didn't have this problem too much before, but now it started to really pop.

Either way, this was really fun to play ^_^ I like the movement mechanics cuz in some stages you have like those ascending and then descending floating bombs and when you go above and beyond them while shooting enemies, it creates an epic view :D
This was an enjoyable experiece ^_^ Hoping to see more awesome games like this in the future