Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race 2"

Good music and cool art style, the enemies remind me of ones from Mega Man. It has a nice balance too it, not too hard or too easy, its just right and i look forward to playing more of it.

This game is amazing! There is a huge amount of content here with a fun challenge. I am having a great time getting flawless stars and the graphics and music are really good.

I have not run into any lag at all, it's been butter smooth for me.... Now... back to blasting :)

This one offers more weapons, flexibility and difficulty variety which I find more interesting about a game. I wish there were more surprising AI behavior but anyway I have to give this one an excellent!

Two reasons why this is worse than the first installment:
1. The up-down movement. Really, I think we had enough games using the flappy-style movement. For me it is always -1star.
2. The lag. I noticed your information, so you are aware of the fact that the game causes excessive lag. I am satisfied with the power of my computer, but with this game you just went too far. Why?
- yes, no animated ads are active;
- yes, I am using Firefox;
- yes, I closed all other programs;
- yes, I turned the sfx off
but the lag still exists and sometimes the game even becomes unresponsive. The reason: too many effects, too many projectiles on the screen to handle.

Another great game, very smooth gameplay and fun to play. I like the special weapons and design of the game. Awesome job!