Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race 2"

Barely made it through tutorial (bored). The idea that hitting the ground deals damage is ridiculous.

I love this game!! The space bar is great. It goes by fast and I'm missing things I'll play for a long time! Thanks for the game.

I'm probably only giving this such a high score because I want the medals. That's understandable, right? This reminded me of the "Mega Man" games. Only without, you know, the lack of flying. The bosses are as hard as ever. I loved the music too.

There were a nice variety of enemies there. It can get frustrating. I'm amazed at how high those levels go up. Worth it to advance into the game. It's quite addictive.

This does so many things right, that I won't bother trying to list them. Good job!

I could play mostly lag free, but got some lag at the hardest part, the last bonus level, though that wasn't really a problem because I would probably have used an ultimate in those moments anyway.

made a badass game (unlocked a new fan)