Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race 2"

I'm not generally a fan of 'flappy' style games, so the fact that this held my interest was saying something. My remarks are purely of constructive criticism, to hopefully see a good game improve into an awesome new game.

Things I loved:

1) Dear god, THANK you for starting the game with an option to not have sound/music on. Every game designer seems to have a different idea of what 'loud vs normal' is and more often than not I end up wanting to mute games anyways. Automatic + for that.

2) Loved the visual aesthetic. It had a primitive 'old school' feel to it while nicely updating it with some gorgeous parallaxing. There were times I found myself admiring the background and getting distracted from the gameplay. The interface was also nice and easy to read. Lots of games go for 'overly stylized' and it can get difficult to read things.

3) Actually telling what the perks were. This is a big one. I hate the trend of "figure out this secret thing to get this award/perk/achievement." Just freaking tell us. Players will often gladly do the most difficult of challenges (one bullet, anyone?) if they just know what to work towards. This game actually tells you the necessary achievements so I can happily sink some time into trying to reach those goals.

4) Perk/upgrade system. Just...everything about that. I love games with upgrades and perks, and I like getting more powerful as a game goes along. Great job.

Things I didn't like:

1) This is a minor quibble, but only brought up since the rest of the art style is so great: The player character didn't seem like they had the same 'detail' as the enemies and background. They felt very flat and unshaded, which would normally be fine except that all the spikes, enemies, backgrounds etc had touches of shading. I'd like to see the player character get the same.

2) A few of the weapons. Some of the weapons didn't feel as useful or good as they should have. What would normally be joyous schmup-ish gameplay felt a little more 'luck' based sometimes. Like you had to make sure you fired your weapon at the exact moment of your arc in your jumps. I know that's some of the difficulty/drive of the game, but it's a bit of a deterrent for me. Again, I admit I'm not big on flappy-movement. I'd have enjoyed this more as a free-roamer but I totally get what the designer was going for.

3) This is the BIG one, the one I'd say they most have to say I'd like the dev to take to heart: Please don't go "the controls are in the tutorial." Just put them in the authors comments or better yet: In the pause screen. Sometimes you're in quick need of a double check on something...but going back to the tutorial level is annoying. It takes you 2 seconds to paste it into the screen under the game so we can glance at it.

Overall: Fun! I look forward to seeing if this game series evolves a bit more!

Not a big fan of flappy games. Would have been better as a straight up platformer.

Solid game as I've been playing it so far, but i do have a few notes about it.

1. The gun feels like trash, like honestly. I'm level 15 with it, and while it's on hard mode at level 2 I'd expect everything to be paper at that point. It really feels like it does nothing while hard mode is "Hard" is the multiplier so up there that this sort of thing doesn't change anything? Especially considering the cost involved with upgrading in this area lvl 16 alone is 101k which takes farming a good bit of it for one level only to go up while feeling like I've gained nothing. So either gun should be buffed or the cost should be cut for this one.

2. The mouse controls are extremely non-time responsive. They lag a lot compared to the key controls which makes things kinda a pain if I feel like I want to use the mouse. Which begs the question why not just make it a build your own control scheme for the last option? It'd make things simpler and allows people to build a more customized and player friendly control scheme.(Have a VERY tiny up arrow on my computer keyboard making grenades impossible half the time.)

3. Hard mode and shields: Maybe just maybe it's my luck isn't high enough and this is why I'm not seeing them. I can get lives not dropping but shields not at all? Not even a rare shot just no shields period?

4. Stomp level up, in truth I haven't touched it and not really sure I will because there isn't a lot of point to the major risk that comes with it. Perhaps somewhere along the chain(10+ increments) you could add a saver function to it. Where when you go to stomp but miss you wont take fall damage one time per increment of level. Gives people a merit to want to try using it but also gives a net which only comes with more extended play of the game.

excellent game, very fun. Well done music and art aswell.

Overall I enjoyed this game. I do not like the selected text font, It is jagged and not very easy to read, also it feels out of place with the rest of the game, maybe try something more blocky for a robot feel to the text.

Bombs feel useless, I think you shoud add the function to blow up the bomb once it has been fired.

Also, I am not a big fan of the control scheme, I had to go all over the keyboard to do some fairly related movements. Please consider rescheming the keys or include a custom keybind feature.