Reviews for "Humanoid Space Race 2"

i love this game but the stomp is way to op

I loved this game. It's unfortunate that others were having severe problems with lag, because I thought the game flowed very smoothly for all things considered. There were rare occasions which there was lag that sent my humanoid into free-fall, but other than that, I thought the game mechanics were great. And I also loved the mix of when you had to focus on hitting enemies and when you had to focus on dodging. My favorite part of the game were the bonus levels; that was a serious but fun challenge to flawless on hard. The two recommendations I would make:

1.) This game requires a lot of patience and grinding, and, while the music was catchy, some type of back story or dialogue or something in general would have kept people interested.
2.) I think it definitely adds to the difficulty, but I think there could be more opportunities to get shields. Sometime it would happen 3 times on that level, and then other times it would take 3-4 games to ever see one of the initial perk related shield.

Great game overall that I thoroughly enjoyed

Not a bad game. While different, I think the hopping/boost up mechanic is annoying and difficult to control. Had to replay the first level several times to get the flawless because one boost up just barely bumped me high enough to bump into a bullet and lose flawless.

@NeonSpider The game doesn't lag. Honestly if you are still trying to play games on a single core computer. You probably shouldn't play anything made after 2005. I'm running on a quad core laptop from 7 years ago. No graphics card, just an APU I share my system ram with. Not a whiff of lag. So, instead of trying to whine at creators to fix things, which have been used on things as old as the NES, try spending more than $200 if you expect to play games on it.

First one was way better in graphics gameplay and difficulty

Good game overall, but it suffers from the same problem a lot of SHMUPS do, which is the lag buildup becomes awful. In this case, it's particularly bad toward the end of the game.

Problem is you have all this fancy stuff you're trying to do and you need to scale it back. All those moving backgrounds seem nice but really it's just eating up more processing power which could be better devoted to other things, for example.

The last level is extra hard not just because of its intended difficulty, but also because the lag will tend to kill you. Better not ever collect one of those grenade powerups because it'll be instant lag of death if you do.

For those who didn't experience lag in this game, it's not really fair to use your multi-core, dedicated graphics card, huge RAM upgrade several thousands of dollars gaming computer as a standard for if games lag or not. Or rather, if it even lags on those machines then yes it's bad lag, but if it doesn't lag on those machines doesn't mean the game isn't laggy.

For future games it'd really be nice to have an option to turn off effects or at least tone them way down. You can have the gameplay be identical, but just turning off certain effects, and that can make a huge difference.

Otherwise you'll have to go with fewer objects on screen at once to reduce or eliminate lag, which is why it particularly plagues SHMUPs unless they're designed incredibly efficiently.