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Reviews for "Might: Pen and Sword"

This game is very well made and it deserves more attention! But... some of the questions are weird. Good, but it could be better. Well done!


I'll be honest here; I think this is a very interesting concept. However, the execution is rather poor. There is no reward for making the right choices on either side, and the right choices on the test can sometimes kill you in the RPG side and vice versa. However, this is pretty good for a game made in 48 hours. I think it has a lot of potential. Maybe a more refined version can be released in the future?

Foolmoron responds:

Yeah the goal is pretty basic, trying to balance gaining a lot of gold while also scoring a high grade on the test. We just wanted to see if we could make this crazy, contradictory concept actually playable in 48 hours. Thanks for the feedback!

So I got an F and still managed to die. In other words, I failed my exam but I still have no life. Seems about right.

This is the most strangely presented quiz game I've ever seen. Still going to have another go...

I liked it but the questions can get a little weird like how are you supposed to know who created the Slurpee or how many apple farmers there are however it was very interesting.