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Reviews for "Might: Pen and Sword"

So I got an F and still managed to die. In other words, I failed my exam but I still have no life. Seems about right.

445 gold and A grade

Pretty fun distraction, but kind of a shame that getting a high score kind of just boils down to luck and both decisions aligning together. Dialogue was charming enough.

Foolmoron responds:

It is very luck-based unfortunately but that is still one of the best scores I've seen, nice!

good concept not for me though

So when you die on the first question because you offended a dragon only to answer correctly.
Definition of bad game design. When RNG decides if you live or die.

Foolmoron responds:

There is a set way to deal with all the encounters, you just need to play it multiple times to figure out the interactions so you can make good decisions with the test. It's a bit difficult but we didn't have enough time to add difficulty options :D

Very interesting and innovative concept, for sure! I really enjoyed it and hope to see more of it in the future. 48hrs complete: mission well accomplished!