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Reviews for "Might: Pen and Sword"

The contradictory questions are the best! Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I also like how you call out the SAT for what it is: Privilege Assessment Test, since the amount of money you can dump into tutoring is directly proportional with your success, and thus all the knowledge jobs that are typically associated with university.

Love the premise, found the execution a bit lacking. Maybe if you could make the questions in general more accessible and make the knight's side of the story matter more it'd be interesting. I often found that it didn't particularly matter what I did as the knight and just looking at the test.

This game is very well made and it deserves more attention! But... some of the questions are weird. Good, but it could be better. Well done!


Game is really cool but some of the questions are just weird and have no purpose what so ever.

I liked it but the questions can get a little weird like how are you supposed to know who created the Slurpee or how many apple farmers there are however it was very interesting.