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Reviews for "Beep Boop Bu"

I didn't enjoy the confusing screen resizes and scrolls, but on overall this was a very moody and atmospheric game. The sounds were great, probably best part of the game. The story was pretty vague and not quite clear. The game is very short.

The premise is there and all, one thing I really need to mention is that the jumping controls are not good. The way you slip and slide around when you're in the air really makes the game seem more like a chore than a fun 5 minute adventure. I hope your future games improve with time my friend!

impressive for a 48 h game.

one bug: When I press enter at the beep boop bu in the beginning, it sets the text animation to "...". So if I press enter at "bu" I'm stuck, because the animation doesn't end like intended.

StuffedWombat responds:

damm, thats a cool find!

Did not test the game so thoroughly :)

Its really good actually in 48 hour wow for me lol:)

Seems a little low rated tbh. I rated it 5, despite my review score being 3.5

Polished and the engine handled out of bounds stuff really well.