Reviews for "HENTAI [ProjectPhysalis] Patron's Reward 2 - NicoleWatterson"

Hadn't seen any of your stuff before to my memory, so went to give it a look.
Can say, kinda took me a bit off guard with the hyper, grotesque'd out (I think the term is) dick xP
Was rather out of the blue with the whole intro and all.

So, before resuming, gonna go and play the prior games, to see if it's the "thing" with your games.
Aight, so having looked them over, it does seem like it's the "thing" with the games. Going between oversized and hyper. But, based of the FAQ and all that, this does seem to be a choice either by Patrons, or it being "the popular thing" atm. As, can totally see people asking for veiny hypercocks with that said. Dem straight boys do love large dick after all ;P

Anyhow, cheeky commentary aside: Wrapping up all feedback into one, I can say the projects seem pretty solid. Very cookie cutter. Plenty of loli vag, oversized busts, one sided pleasure and hyper dick. So it should be easy to fit right in with the rest. Especially as you seem to have found your "thing" with the whole android approach. Looks really nice btw.

Seen more than a few just jump into the market, and just do what everyone else is doing. Without having a way to stick out. And similar to the gaming market: We all know that just copying CoD works flawlessly every time xD
So, yeah. It's nice to see that you have some plans at least. Far too many just wing it, then get shocked when that doesn't work. Gotta have a plan, and someway to stick out :P

Anyhow, that said: Bit impressed you don't go full loli vag. I've noticed many people get upset when a puss has any details to it more than a slit. Plus, you even got the perineum right. Personally think that's cool. Can always go for more female detail, that's usually severely neglected when it comes to porn. (I mean, when the basically emperor of porn states that "Being attracted to women is just a niche fetish", that kinda says a lot xD)

I am trailing off here. Sorry, speculated+reminiscing a bit much.
Either case: Based of what I've seen so far: I take it people can expect to see futa, more rape and some more graphic "body modification" (or w/e the term is) within a near future then?

And onto the games themselves: They are pretty good. The background designs and attention to detail is really impressive. Certain animations don't flow very well however.
Like, in this: Her ear flicks in a rather stale manner. One side doesn't move at all, then the other suddenly just recoils. And her tail moves in a sort of frame by frame motion, that is completely different to how the rest of the animation looks. It's like it becomes a different graphic.

"Gameplay" wise, it's simple enough. (for the patreon games) Though, it has a high annoyance factor, that it re-starts from scratch every time. Making those that have a hard time with rhythm things have a quite high chance to get frustrated at it. As they have to sit through repeat each time they do it. As for the main game. It's fleshed out, bare bones. As in: It's milk toast. But it has everything you'd expect from that. So, people that like that type of thing will love it :P

You have the inexplicably hyper dude, the girls with no self-regard or needs. The classic lack of regard for physics, along with the lovable/cringy corny dialogue :3 I did notice attempts to spice it up in some areas. Which, can be neat if it succeeds.

I think the backgrounds and illustrations are really the strong part of this so far. (the fact you built an entirely new "wheel" for the click mechanic is very impressive) Really spectacular job with it. The scripting is really well done as well. Didn't notice anything off with it when I looked through it.
The animation is pretty smooth overall. But, it does have a few areas, like mentioned above, where it seems to fall a bit short. Though, not everyone is likely to notice tbh.

And the choice to leaving it open to everyone is likely a good idea. You prolly wana give patrons some more perks though. Granted, you have prolly already planned that xP One obvious choice is to let them have costumes unlocked from the start.
I can say though: Just don't lock the futa content behind a patreon delay or similar. People get REALLY stingy when it comes to futa.

Sounds thought... they're kinda "eh". Not bad, not good. (except the sound effects for the "wheel", those are great.) They're roughly what you might expect.
Overall, very run of the mill. But, in higher than average quality.
These def have a good chance. I feel you might need a stronger hook to perform exceptionally. But, you can prolly do decently among the competition. Being slightly better tends to be enough in many cases. But, I feel like you can manage to do better if you focus in on something. Like, some own little spin, or gimmic on things~

Anyhow, excuse the bit of ramble. Crunching 3 reviews and a critique into one comment made it a bit big ^^'
And hopefully, the terms used aren't too distasteful. I use them for context or easy reference. And just to be clear: Something being generic isn't inherently a bad thing. Most of the most popular things are just that, for good reason. Also: People: Remember this is a 0-5 system. Anything above 2 is considered good or better.

GoldenBerryStudio responds:

i just made my artist read up all of this, thank you for your feedback, i'll take it into consideration :)

i give this game a solid 3star its not godlike but its pretty good

this game is (compared to the kim possible game) actually fair and winnable. i dont like the pose too much but that's not a big problem though. looking for further games :)

I've been trying to play the games for a long time, even downloaded the unity software but i'm still unable to play any of your games. Can someone help me to solve this so i can play?

GoldenBerryStudio responds:

Dunno man.. i have tested this on all the devices on my house and so far no problem...

why did I rage in this game ???