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Reviews for "Mercy - Guardian Angel"


I come here to fap not to read

As many probably have mentioned as well, yes, a skip button would be most appreciated, not everyone is all into "story" in porn. For many, it's just to relieve some tension, so to speak.

I was into it, but it really dragged and fell into some plot devices as 70% of porn. 2 or 3 player choices only, I commend your work but I feel you should have just made a bang simulator. The arts high quality would be great. If you want to do the non "wham-bam" way at least add more player choices then asking someones age, which fyi is a bad idea and not a good way to flirt unless your like 60+ like Ana and Rein lol.

Liked it, as usual, things felt a little more forced than usual for me though.