Reviews for "Knightin'"

Excellent! Such an enjoyable, short game. All of the base elements for an adventure are there. You should expand this game into a full version- that would be cool

Wolod responds:

Thank you very much. Glad that you enjoyed it. I may expand Knightin' after I finish my current big project NSI: Operation Zero.

Because I am a bro, and not a ho, like some other people, who are jealous of my medal points, here are the qrcodes (I used screenshot and some online decoders)

1st floor: 0-1-1-0-1-0-0-1
2nd floor: →→↑→↓↓→

You're welcome!

In regards to the game, it's okay, albeit it seems more like a promo for a steam version.
One bug is that sometimes that traps are out of sync. But that's okay.

Wolod responds:

I just answered to your PM, but it seems that you've solved codes already. Good job, mate! Perhaps I'll make a bigger version for Steam one day.

a few questions
what are the yellow x marked tokens for ? cant seem to pick them up
how do you get the purple blocks that block some chests to move ?
how can you buy more keys if youve died ? they disappear from the shop ...
is there a pattern to lighting the blue floor symbols ? cant get them to work either !

Wolod responds:

I guess that yellow x marked tokens you're talking about are the dead eyes of the pink enemies. You don't need to collect those. Purple blocks will move if you light floor symbols in a correct pattern. There are hints hidden in the qr codes. You can buy only one key, rest of them are hidden throughout the dungeon.

it was a cool game.
maybe a little easy but it was funny

positif points:
-the music is cool
-you get your power one by on so you don't have to learn all by once
-there are optional rooms and keys
-the shop system is easy to use (that my seem strange to see this point here but in some games it's impossible to by anything)
-the pixelart is great. it's really nice

-too easy per moments (mushrooms, flying skulls and slimes could move a little faster to chalenge the game a little more)
-the QR-codes are not really a good idea (I don't have my phone to check them, but at least it's for optional stuff so that wasn't the worst part)
-some bugs I found (there still some bugs in this game)

-the music of the boss won't stop if you die and respawn in the dungeon
-you don't lose your money when you die but chests reapear if you didn't save before you die. I won't complain but I could be better if either the chests still opened or you restart with the amound of monney you had when you saved.

In any case I had some fun on it. Good luck with your next projects. (sorry for my bad English)

Wolod responds:

Thank you very much for this detailed review and for bug report.

I'm going to tweak balance a little in the next update. Music bug is already fixed, but I can't reproduce money bug. I keep losing money that I've earned after the last save. Anyway I'll keep updating this game until it's polished as much as possible.

And I'm very glad that you enjoyed it. Happy Pixel Day to you!

good game plane and simple

Wolod responds:

Thank you