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Reviews for "Duke Dashington Remastered"

awesome job!

- Small bug detected: in the Atlantis level (I think 7 or 8) I was able to dash at the very beginning of the level, at the top of the screen. This resulted in me being stuck in the wall, unable to move. Not a big issue though, after 10 seconds ran out I died and could try again.

- Animation that could go smoother: entering/leaving the temples does not look like he is really entering/leaving the temples, but walking past them.

- As a running gag, I would recommend to make some variation in the reasons why the dungeons collapse, for example at the beginning of level 2: "Haha, this time I´m not gonna fall for these touchplates !" *Crouches on ground, carefully looking out for touchplates ... Knocks a lever with his head while carefully examining the ground, pyramid starts collapsing* etc.
- Same for loosing the treasure at the end of a level, for example after level 2: "This time the bird will not get my treasure" *Carefully checks the sky, holding the treasure tight. Trips and drops the treasure into a hole.*
This would emphatize the players even more to play on, just to see how he destroys the temple / looses the treasure next time.

Very nice game, go for polishing the gem!

Very fun game - challenging but not frustratingly so!
There's also a lot of variety in obstacles, so it doesn't get stale.

I may return to this to get more of the achievements!

I love the little "AHA!" moments you can have once you figure out what to do after dying 3..4..6 times lmao

Nice game.

so basically..he goes nyoom