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Reviews for "Duke Dashington Remastered"

Fun game guys. Well done

A very, very good game, I thought it reminded me of Super Dangerous Dungeons and now that I'm typing I noticed it's from the same developer/s. I'm an idiot.
Anyway, as I was saying, a great game. I usually don't like platformers that require insane reflexes and fast thinking, as I prefer harder puzzles that give you time to think about them. So, the very fact that I find it enjoyable is quite an achievement on its own. I'm not skilled enough, or have enough patience to do the no deaths challenge or the time trial, but finishing he basic game was very funny.


Man... this game... it was absolutely awesome! (in my opinion). From level design to difficulty, I enjoyed every bit of the game. A fast paced game that won't dissapoint people who like these kind of games. I know I sound like I'm kissing your ass by saying that I loved almost everything within the game, but seriously, you did a amazing job.

IT'S WARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You make the best games here ^_^ cheers for this one being put on Steam, you deserve it