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Reviews for "Duke Dashington Remastered"

Neat game, clever puzzles, just disappointed that it wasn't like Wario Land as the presentation suggested.


this is perfect. you can turn the time limit off, retry instantly, and play on your cell phone. 10/10

oh yeah, and this reminds me of wario land games.

the music is amazing

love it

The main criticism I'd give this game is that the volcano world feels a little uneven, compared to the first three worlds. A few select volcano stages (4-12 and 4-14 especially) were mostly just frustrating, and disrupted the "flow state" created by the first three worlds. Not even to say they were impossibly difficult; they were just a little annoying and felt out of place. Especially when I cleared the other 80% of the volcano stages in 1-3 attempts.

Besides that, this is a really fun little game. You created a lot of really good gameplay from a very simple mechanic! I really enjoyed the first three worlds, and I thought their levels were well-designed. I like that each world has a different set of mechanics, and it's all tutorialized well. (Particularly liked the water in Atlantis being used as conveyor belts with a twist.)

Very nice work on this one!