Reviews for "Duke Dashington Remastered"

Great puzzles for such a simple mechanic. I'm also getting a lot of Wario Land 4 vibes in the graphics. I loved those games growing up.

AdventureIslands responds:

I love Wario Land games, they have been a huge inspiration for me.

Very interesting concept for a game. I love games based on limitations of the character. Also reminds me of the Wario Land games because of the dash.

Great game, great artwork... love this style!

I found the game to be great!! There's great pixel art and music, and I found the game play to be very fun. My biggest problem with the game is the difficulty spikes a little ways through a temple. I was also wishing it was longer (if it had an extra temple post game or something). This is a game you should really check out!!

P.s. I didn't think the remake did much other than graphics wise, but the details in the remakes are much appriciated

lol i got the first two treasures. Ima tak a break but that was fun!