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Reviews for "Duke Dashington Remastered"

Nice game.

Great game but can be too difficult...

good game
but hard at part like time trial

This entertained me quite a lot. The final dungeon was an epic challenge, and the game in general was satisfying to go through.

This game consists of platforming challenges cut into short 10-second sections, except instead of running and jumping like we would in a normal platformer, all we can do is dash, which sends the player character flying in a given direction. We can dash vertically and horizontally, and while a vertical dash can be interrupted with a horizontal dash, a horizontal one can only be interrupted by hitting an obstacle.

This way of interacting with the environment makes for some really interesting challenges, and the kinds of things we have to be aware of in the level are different from what we'd normally pay attention to in platformers, making for a pretty original gameplay experience.

The individual short challenges are quite well made. The difficulty curve escalates quite well, culminating in a final dungeon that is hard while still being doable. The short and quick format made it so that retrying was never frustrating, and I also like how the differences between dungeons were not merely thematic, but also mechanical, with every new dungeon introducing some new obstacles and objects of its own.

As for presentation, the visuals are good, and also quite polished, this being a remaster of an older game, and the soundtrack is very fun. The volcano song was so epic, it really got me pumped.

So, overall, quite a nice platformer, with some decent challenge to it.

This game reminds me of Wario Land