Reviews for "Duke Dashington Remastered"

While frustrating in design in some levels, was fun and challenging.

I love the little "AHA!" moments you can have once you figure out what to do after dying 3..4..6 times lmao

I adore this game. The graphics are great as usual, but my favorite aspect of this game is the gameplay. It's one of the most original gameplays I've ever seen on any Newgrounds game, and it's extremely fun. I feel like some levels require some memorization. The story concept is also great for a game like this. An explorer that saves treasures from collapsing dungeons. I don't have to say anything more about this game. I think this platformer game is a masterpiece. :)

I Like The Simple But Unique Style Of The Game

I got some very wonderful Wario Land vibes from this game, and I think that inspiration led you down the right path with this game. I like the homages to the sprites, the treasure hunting, the shoulder bash, the journey home credits roll, etc. The simple mechanics were used well in tandem with the level design. It made for a fun, fast-paced romp through some well designed rooms. Progression of difficulty was good, and the obstacle introductions were clear. The levels all had a unique flavor with music and obstacles which kept it fresh. The 10 sec timer made gameplay more intense which added to overall experience. Great Job!

Can't think of much to say in the way of crit. I think you worked this idea to a good logical endpoint given the content. Maybe another gameplay mechanic could lead to a larger group of varied levels.