Reviews for "Duke Dashington Remastered"


If you like Wario land you'll like this.

A quality game. Lovely art style, an engaging gimmick and creative puzzles make this a game that I just had to finish. Whether by good fortune or incredibly competent design, the game's learning curve is implemented excellently. Each temple requires more with and speed than the last, introducing fun new mechanics that the game isn't afraid of stretching to their limit once they're introduced.

In terms of art style, everything is perfectly communicated with colour and flair. Duke Dashington is a charming character that fits the game's mechanics in both personality and aesthetic. Even the simplest stages constructed of tiles and blocks look great and serve the player well in their mad dash for the exit.

Honestly, I keep returning to Newgrounds looking for little gems like this. Fantastic work all-round!

one of the greatest flash games i have played in like... idk 1 year

Fuckin' awsome