Reviews for "Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight"

This was an interesting watch, the narration was nice and the simplistic animation made the comedy have the right amount of impact.

But what happened to the orange guy that fell? Did he die? Was he taken to the hospital in time!? I gotta know!

FelixMassie responds:

I'm glad you asked: He goes on to star in a TV special about people who survive substantial falls. This leads on to a lucrative career in motivational speaking.

Do wonder what'll happen to Keith Reynolds after that final scene! Might be the start of a long fall... was expecting the janitor to maybe throw a bucket of trash out the window, like a twist on karma after the earlier cup of coffee thrown out ditto... but I'm glad it ends with ambiguity. Any which way you imagine it... or with a sequel?

Love how all is presented, with classy narrative, elevator music, simplicity and wit... and stick figures with such complex characters and office details! The style's both simple and amazing, and just the elevator movement within a building feels so... polished. Come to think of it that earlier Water short seemed a lot like a small; confined space too, like an elevator... and for a moment here I was thinking that would be where all the action took place. Which it did, but I imagined it would stay there. Possible stuck between two floors.

It turned out for the better though, in all the worse ways possible! Amazing work.


FelixMassie responds:

Thanks a lot for the nice review :)

Wow. Such a breath of fresh air. Love the perspective, and the simplicity of the storytelling. The physicality is really grounded making the dark comedy both darker and funnier. Really great work.

FelixMassie responds:

Thank you - really glad to hear you enjoyed it!

the narration T_T is so satisfying

Hey!!!! What the truck happens? You can't leave me balancing outside a window...