Reviews for "Passive Caged ~P~"

It's not that good as it was a little repetitive and stopped suddenly at the end. It's still great though (・ω・)ノ

doesnt play for me...

That synth in the intro sounds so awesome!
Super catchy beat too, during the entire track :D
Also, though the melody is mostly simple, it really works well. This piece reminds me of some of the Platform Racing 2 tracks, which althought probably unintentional, is an awesome throwback :)
I love that avant-garde breakdown with the almost dissonant bass-synth-ish thingy, combined with the slow high range melody :3

Ofc, the flute is a welcome addition too. I'm always surprised by how well flutes work with techno :'D

P.S. I love loops; especially loops that loop this well o.O!!!

Absolutely fantastic! The instruments used in here are too good! This was such a pleasure to listen to, you truly have a musical gift. Keep up the great work!

tuts tuts tuts~