Reviews for "Being Broke"

I haven't laughed so much in a while, 10/10 dude XD

Why didn't you use your "white privilige" to pay the bills? :) You know..that magical sack which makes life easier for white people but liberals just can't explain how it works LUL.

Great work as always.

The quality of the animation is about 3/5, but the pure comedy and how relatable the story is about 6/5. Your voice reminds me of a slightly happier Bill Burr. Great Animation!

duuuude that's fucking sad, i really hope everything is goin good in your life right now. Enjoyed your animation as always.

As some Greek dude said a long time ago: "the reward of suffering is experience." If you've had your car catch fire, other minor failures (or taking public transit) doesn't seem so bad. If you've had your water shut off before, you can similarly Macgyver things when you only notice that the TP has run out after you sit down to poop. Being poor is great (for a certain amount of time, anyway); it gives you tools for life if you play your cards right.

PS: If you made that book into a bunch of comic strips like a Garfield book or something, people would probably buy it.