Reviews for "Being Broke"

The audio in this video might be of poorer quality than your usual videos, but I still loved it. I'm sure it was relatable to a lot of people to in a way. Plus, this story was hysterical, like usual.

I honestly think you're my favorite animator on Newgrounds. Your stories are always so outrageous and funny that no fancy animation is needed. I love your animation style the way it is. It's awesome.

Keep up the great work!

Sadly, this is some of your most relatable work. Yours is the voice of a generation. Godspeed and get paid!

This is the most hilarious one you've ever done. Bravo good sir!

The timing of you releasing this video and some financial related recent events in my life, literally could not be more perfect. Last night was not good.

Subpar animation but the audio made up for it!