Reviews for "Songbird Symphony v0.2"

So I met my uncle or w/e and did the tutorial. Then I went to the area to the right. The tree climbing area. I got some stuff done there but was never able to find my way out or past it or even to go back to the first area. I traversed it all painstakingly.

Is the end of the prototype being stuck here? I traversed it VERY methodically. Talked to everyone. Did everything I could.

Joysteak responds:

Hmm... Have you tried taking the elevator (by pressing the "S" button combination while inside it), and going into the Owl's house, then sitting on the chair?

Birb!!!! Loved it! :3
Awesome music and love the background of the game :D

Wished to see more of the hidden area in the game xD
Cant wait for more of this :)

Joysteak responds:

Thanks for playing!
Yup, you can expect more hidden areas in the full game ;)

Gosh this is just so endlessly charming and adorable! The art was cute and clean, the music was fun, and the gameplay was creative and challenging yet intuitive.
I really look forward to seeing more!
Fantastic job everybirdy! :>

Joysteak responds:

Wow! Thank you very much for the kind words :)

Can't wait for full project

Joysteak responds:

Thank you! :)

Well, I have some bad news. With the Unity player, my browser just can't handle it. Well, I can still play some of it. I got as far as the first singing blue bird. I know I'm pressing down on S but it doesn't show up. At least I had sort of an adventure.

The graphics are nice. I thought this would be a game where all you did was sync up the stuff on screen. I'm glad there was more. You have pretty good mobility here. You can expect that from a bird.

Joysteak responds:

Hi Ericho! Ah, I know it's slow on Unity player. We are trying hard to optimise the game so it'll be less laggy for our players. Still, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!